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  • Autry Museum of Western Heritage: "Patterns of Progress ­ Quilts in the Machine Age" (1997)


1997 / 39w x 38h
with Doreen Speckmann
Materials and techniques: Cotton. Rayon thread, couching. Doreen's 'peaky & spike' design. Machine piecing and quilting.
Overview photo of quilt; click for larger image (Warning: large file)
Comments: For many years, Ann attended an annual 'quilt camp' in Marin County CA.

Doreen Speckmann did, too. While Ann's style was somewhat 'out there' by the time this was made, Doreen's was more traditional.
Ann convinced Doreen to collaborate on this piece. Doreen agreed to make a perfectly good quilt, knowing that Ann was going to cut it up and re-assemble it into something rather 'different'. Ann did just that and had most of it finished during quilt camp in 1997 when she suddenly came down with an infection that hospitalized her. Doreen had to finish it in a style quite different from her normal one, but she was up to the task.
If you look closely, you'll see some cow udders along the bottom in keeping with the theme of the piece.
Doreen saw Ann perform with the Nuclear Whales when they traveled to Madison WI.
She loved the contrast between Ann at Point Bonita (no make-up) and in stage make-up with the Whales.
Sadly, the same year that Ann died ­ 1999 - Doreen died while on a quilting teaching trip overseas. They are both missed.

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