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Ann Stamm Merrell managed to have three very different careers during her adult years. Her first began while in college at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio where she received her BS in Math and later an MS in Applied Statistics. She worked in the field of statistics until her late 20's.
When she turned 30, she felt so driven to explore her musical talents that she quit her job as a research statistician and began doing musical composition full-time. The positive experiences that she had during graduate school while playing in the Case Jazz Band as well as the successful creation of several bands she also led didn't hurt.
Then she began dabbling in fabric work. Initially, it was traditional quilt making, but it quickly turned into contemporary fabric art. So as she turned 40, she cut back on her music in order to focus more time and effort on her quilt making with very positive results.
For several of these years, in addition to doing her own works, Ann was also the Artist in Residence at her church, The Presbyterian Church of Sunnyvale (California), with responsibilities for liturgical banners in several places around the church campus.
Her quilt making predominantly consisted of three periods: traditional, contemporary, and her 'Celtic Crosses' period. Her style changed significantly from one to the next, so the works are arranged in roughly chronological order to help better appreciate those changes.
All of Ann's comments as noted on the following pages are taken from her own notes, show applications, letters and other correspondence. Additional notes are provided by her husband, her mother, and other friends familiar with Ann's work.
Unless otherwise noted, all of these quilts: were made completely by Ann; and are in the collection of her husband, Greg Merrell.

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