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collection of Helen Stamm Foth


Unfinished Symphony, Completed
started 1999, finished 2000 / 62w x 92h
design and piecing by Ann, piecing and quilting by Helen Stamm Foth
Overview photo of quilt; click for larger image (Warning: large file)
Helen's Comments: In January, 1999, Ann Stamm Merrell, professional musician, music composer and arranger and quilt artist, attended her last Point Bonita quilt camp before her death March 8, 1999.

Her quilt project started by asking her fellow quilters to mark a line, circle, etc. on a large flannel sheet. She then completed the design, added heat-n-bond, and started to add the materials.

The upper left quadrant is the part she had done.

Her mother, Helen Stamm Foth, attended Point Bonita in January 2000 and picked up where Ann had left off. As part of the completion, Ann’s Point Bonita quilting friends were asked to give something musical (many of these notes, etc. came from them) to the quilt as well as thoughts of Ann and their signatures.

The other signatures on the ‘bilious green’ (Ann’s coinage of ‘the other neutral color!’) were done in 1997 as a get-well card.”

Additional comments:
The musical notes and bilious green fabric ‘get well card’ are on the back.

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