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  • Flowers of the Mainau (Switzerland): "Quilts in Bloom" (1999)





Celtic Hibiscus 1.1-1.6
1998 / each 20w x 26h
Materials and techniques: Cotton, silk, upholstery fabric, canvas, hand-painted cotton. Couching.
Overview photo of quilt; click for larger image (Warning: large file)
Ann's Comments: "I can remember standing there crying and defiantly cutting, even slashing, into the middle of a piece of expensive fabric, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993. I'd followed all the 'rules' and still got cancer, and so why should I be bound by any rule that says you have to be careful with fabric? I sat at the sewing machine and, instead of sewing neatly and evenly along the edge of a piece of fabric, I sewed right off the edge. Compared to what I was going through, that act of sewing defiance had no consequences at all."
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