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created for Greg Merrell, Ann's husband



Greg's Quilt
started 1991?, finished 2000 / 41w x 51h
pieced by Ann, back/binding by Helen Stamm Foth, quilting by Shirley Greenhoe.
Materials and techniques: Cotton. Machine piecing and quilting.
Overview photo of quilt; click for larger image (Warning: large file)
Comments: Ann started this quilt many years ago for her husband Greg but never got around to finishing it. Partly this was due to her change in styles and partly because she always had more ideas that needed embodiment than she had hours in the day.
Ann's mom finished this in January 2000 just after attending quilt camp in Ann's stead. Shirley Greenhoe, another regular from Point Bonita, did the quilting in a design that Ann would have appreciated.

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