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Q&A continued
My technique is driven by the need to keep creativity present as far into the process as possible, and to eliminate as much (of what I perceive as) busywork as possible. Also, the physical difficulty of handling large quilt tops has led me to work with smaller units that are completely finished (batted, backed, and quilted) before they are assembled into one large piece.
'Of all the really bad things that can happen to you, making a mistake with a piece of fabric is not one of them.' This new perspective has given me much more freedom, especially from the 'rules' of quilting. (I don't know who told me those rules, but they were certainly internalized.)"
Q: What led you to begin making art?
A: "I don't know, but I have a need to do it."
Q: Do you now, or have you earlier, work(ed) in another medium?
A: "Yes, in music. I'm currently a composer and saxophonist."
Q: What are your goals in creating art?
A: "One goal is to keep creativity present as far into the process as possible, and to eliminate as much (of what I perceive as) busywork as possible. Another goal is to allow the quilt to tell me what to do, instead of trying to force something that may have been my original idea but just isn't working now."
Q: What is your studio like? space, atmosphere, noise, etc?
A: "It used to be a spare bedroom. It now has one wall of floor-to-ceiling fabric, one flannel covered design wall, and one wall of shelves containing books and many plastic boxes full of scraps and notions and stuff. I have two sewing machines, a Singer nearly as old as I am and a Bernina 1020. There is hardly anything better than sitting at the sewing machine on a summer day, listening to a baseball game and making a quilt."
Q: What other activities do you enjoy?
A: "Reading mysteries, singing in the church choir, spending time with my husband, following baseball (I made an Oakland A's quilt and had players and coaches and broadcasters sign it.)
Q: Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself?
A: "I've been Artist-in-Residence at Sunnyvale (CA) Presbyterian Church since 1995, which includes working with fabric on a very large scale, getting many people involved, and not being in total control of everything. Having cancer showed me how little control I actually do have, and so, 'letting go' of many things has been a continuing but often difficult process. (After surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and physical therapy, I am feeling great and getting good reports from the doctors!)"

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